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Mt Giona flora
Mt Giona lies to the west of Mt Parnassos and there are many similarities between the plant communities of both. The main substrate is limestone, only in some parts of the surface flysch and conglomerate deposits occur. There are many karstic formations, and even bauxite intercalating in the limestone. There are 3 main crests converging to the highest peak, being Mt Pyramidis at 2510m, the most important being the 13km long crest to the south. On both sides of the crest a ravine occurs, Reka to the east and Lazorema to the north. From 800-1800m Abies cephalonica is the dominant species, above this limit grazing areas occur. In the rocky formations and conglomerates adapted plant associations occur. The presence of a great number of endemic or important species in this range, especially in the rocky formations of its summits and steep slopes of the ravines makes the area of great ecological importance. On the other side does the existence of significant quantities of the mineral bauxite and its intense open cast mining have a negative impact on the whole ecosystem.